Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Take a Stitch Tuesday-Two Weeks

I joined Sharon B's Take a Stitch Tuesday Challenge (TAST).  You can find the explanation here .To see the stitch for this week, look here .
This is my crazy quilt square ready for embellishment.
And here are my first two weeks of stitching.
The stitch in the heavier thread is the fly stitch and the one in the light yellow is the buttonhole stitch.  Both are favorites for using in crazy quilts.  It is hard not to just start doing stuff on this square, but I want to use it for this challenge.  I have even started another crazy quilt square to give me another place to do the TAST stitches.


Pamela said...

Great start on the TAST challenge! I hope to keep up with the stitches each week on my block, too.

carorose said...

Good way to keep your stitches together. Looks good.