Friday, July 24, 2015

Stitch from Stash 2015-B July Post

Stitch from Stash Report
Month: July

Here are my two finishes for July.  But how much do I say they are worth?  The top piece is needlepoint and is 7" by 3.5" on 14 count. I started it in April 2015, so I can count the whole thing.  I think I can give myself $4.
Elizabeth is another matter.  I started her in 2012. Here is a picture of what she looked like at the beginning of the year:
The background has two layers of stitching as do the sleeves.  She is on 24 count congress cloth and about 8" by 10".  I don't know exactly because she is at the finishers...So what is she worth?  Can I give myself $18?  Please let me know if my totals seem correct!


Karen said...

Beautiful stitching! I'm new to SFS, and am trying to work out what counts as a finish too.

Kate said...

Your two finishes are amazing, Beth! That sounds right, but I never could figure out all the numbers.

Esmeralda said...

Welcome to SFS
you done very good at your first SFS budget.
If you are not sure about your earnings you can best contact Mel, she will answers all your questions.
beautiful finishes congrets on that
greetings from Holland

Teresa S. said...

Gorgeous finishes, Beth! Congrats!