Wednesday, May 6, 2015


I am still plugging along on the background.  The little cross stitches add a lot of dimension to the piece.  I think I have some stitching to add the the shoulder area and then it is on to the beads!  I think I need to do something to the background by her skirt and arms too...A little more veil, I do believe.

I refrained from purchasing Catherine from Gay Ann Rogers.  She is beautiful and would be fun to stitch.  But I know she would end up in the basement, at least right now, as I have some other pieces that must get done. I did not need to add to my stash.


Pamela said...

You are really making progress!

Linda said...

Wonderful progress Beth.


Teresa S. said...

Elizabeth is looking so wonderful! And I admit, I did wonder if you would splurge and get Catherine. I held off too. Just too many other wonderful projects to do :)