Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Journal 21 2011

Every year I vow I will art journal at least once a week and every year I fail. My friend Cheryl is thinking of trying to do a page a week in 2012 and I am thinking of joining her.  But the other day I realized that I have done some art journaling every week.  My Journal 21 is where I play with my watercolors and try to write one thing about the day.  I also write my to do list here.  It is truly a journal of my year, things I have done and wanted to do.

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Cyn said...

Hi Beth,

Hope you are having a wonderful Holiday week!

I finally have some time to get around to my blogs and catch up. :-)

Things are fine here and on my to do list is to start up my blog again to share what I've been working on...

Yes, I know but I'm crossing my fingers that now that several things (family activities) have been finished for the year I'll have some more free time!

Windy Meadow