Monday, April 15, 2019

M Is for MH 1656

This piece is taking a lot longer to do than I had hoped. It is a lovely piece, but to make it reversible is difficult.
I am enjoying it though!
Bible Gateway

Malachi 1

A prophecy: The word of the Lord to Israel through Malachi.[a]
“I have loved you,” says the Lord.
“But you ask, ‘How have you loved us?’
“Was not Esau Jacob’s brother?” declares the Lord. “Yet I have loved Jacob, but Esau I have hated, and I have turned his hill country into a wasteland and left his inheritance to the desert jackals.”


Frédérique said...

Wow, reversible! I love the hands design, beautiful embroidery!
M = Mobilier

Cherdo said...

You, my friend, are a true artist with a needle!

Thanks, and best wishes!
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Leonore Winterer said...

That new band is looking complicated!