Monday, July 17, 2017

Block 1

I am definitely crazy as I decided to join Sharon B over at Pintangle and do the 2020 Challenge.
She has her rules posted, but I am going to modify them a bit or I will not complete the challenge. I am allowing myself to reuse stitches and count them as long as it is in a different color or fiber.
This block still needs beads which live in my basement. I could probably GET the beads, but finding the right ones and bringing them upstairs seems like too much work at this time.
 I made simple notes on what I did and put my scraps of fabric in my notebook.  I think I have 27 different threads and stitches on this block. I need at least 3 more things to finish this block. Beads and buttons, I think....
I should probably add my threads, but that seems like such a pain. I may regret that in a few months....I shouldn't be so lazy. Where is the tape dispenser?!?!


Renee said...

It is quite the challenge! I haven't managed to keep up with a CQJP challenge yet, so I opted to cheer everyone else on from the side lines. Your block is lovely!

Pamela said...

Very pretty.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

This does sound like quite a challenge!
It reminds me of the fundraiser we did at school - "How many tiny things can you fit in a matchbox?" Guess who had to count the winners and check there really were 96 tiny things, such "fluff" and "a fingernail"?

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