Thursday, February 12, 2015

UFO Challenge

I should be researching tax programs for my dh, but I thought I would take a second and post this.  My local EGA, Mississippi River Valley Chapter, is having a year long challenge.  We choose a piece and put $10 to hold our place, I guess you would say.  We have a year to finish, so February 2016, and will get our money back if we get done.  If not, we donate $10 to the guild.  My goal is to work on it a little each day, maybe 12 stitches or so and see if that helps me move this piece forward. It needs to get done!  It has been lurking in the basement since 2010!


Linda said...

Very pretty design Beth.


Pamela said...

When I lived in North Carolina, my guild had a similar challenge. Good luck with finishing this in a year!

Brenda M. Côté said...

My ANG chapter, Delaware's Seashore Chapter, is doing a challenge as well, but we didn't put $10 on the line. This is a great idea and a good motivator. Thanks for writing about it.

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