Thursday, February 21, 2013

Miss Chessie's Tuffet Stitched!

 I finished stitching the back of the biscornu last night.  I did more than originally called for because I thought it would look pretty when finished.  I need to wash and press it and then hopefully get it all finished before next Friday.  My local library is having a show and it is one of the few pieces I have done that I can put in it.

Here is my progress on Spring Splendor:
I like my top crabapple blossom but wish I could redo the other two.  May have to go back and do them when I get it back from being critiqued.  Right now, it will have to stay.  Too much more to stitch!


Nicola said...

How exciting to display your work Beth. Good luck.

Linda said...

Great progress Beth. How fun to have your stitching on display.