Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Christmas Quilt Square or The Real Reason I Never Finish Projects

I cut off the last red in this photo, but it gives you an idea of my square.  I have been thinking about a Christmas quilt for my bed for years, but I finally decided that this is the year.  The red fabric on the left will have to go as it is directional and will be a pain to cut.  I thought the green fabric on the right would have to go, but I like it.  Cheryl suggested that I play with the square on the computer to see if I like the colors.  My picture isn't good enough for that so I am hoping she will scan it for me tomorrow.  (Please, please, please!) Just what I need, another project! 


Ziggyeor said...

funny I'm trying not to start another project either but I do scrap booking and paper crafting and this weekend I got the quilling supplies out and made a bunch of spirals that I haven't done anything with yet.

Nicola said...

What a loevly idea of making a Christmas quilt. The fabrics you have chosen are perfect.

cheryl lennox said...

Beth - I really like your choice of colors.