Friday, August 12, 2011

Serpentine Color Problems

I have started work on Serpentine by Ro Pace. It is an ANG group correspondence course through Cyberpointers. Anyway, I changed the colors and I am having trouble deciding what I like. The upper right blue "arm" looks good to me, but I think I may end up with too much blue. The "arm" at the bottom to the right is the color I started with -Soie de Paris 3335. To me it looks wrong with the Finca Perle Cotton #2615. The half "arm " was stitched with soie d alger #3312. It looks better, but not right. When I have time tonight I will stitch another corner crescent in a different Finca color and try the blue Soie de Paris with it. Or maybe blue with the Finca #2615. Something has to work, right?

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