Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Very Little to Show

I had a very busy week and had very little time to stitch. Since I am trying to stick to my rotation system Heirloom Sampler won't have much progress this week.
The skirt to the right was totally removed as I did not feel like it was dark enough and there was too much variation. I will have to pick another thread next month when I pick it up.

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Cyn said...

Hi Beth,

I'm planning on starting "real" stitching this weekend now that family is no longer here for the Holidays and I hope to have everything down this weekend. I hurt my back last week so it's been slow going even with all of the family help. Almost better now! :-)

You made some nice progress so keep up the good work! I'm waving my pompoms over here for you, "Go Beth"! LOL!

Windy Meadow