Friday, December 11, 2009

Cresent Santa

I started this piece last week while waiting for my dd at choir practice. It is a Treasured Canvas Creation by Mill Hill. I bought it off e-bay a few years ago and thought he would make a great "carry with me" project. The background is basketweave. I wish I had thought to try a different background, but I did not. I will probably have him stitched for Christmas, just not finished... I have a few of those, don't you?


Yoyo said...

Hello, and welcome to the Christmas Design SAL. You're in, send me a picture and meet us in the stitching room in the week of January 1.

I like this Cresent Santa. basketweve is boring but when finished it will really make the Santa stand out, especially since he has some really nice stitches in him.

I also like your little point system there in the side bar...interesting......

The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

Santa is darling, but not as cute as my Christmas card WHICH ARRIVED TODAY! What a surprise! It is really wonderful and I'm going to take a photo and use it as my photo for the time until Christmas.

Thank you so much, Beth. It is a lovely design and a very thoughtful gift. I appreciate it!

Jane, touched and a little teary eyed in CH